Welcome to my personal blog, モビーです. Excuse the mess, I'm still fiddling with the blog layout, but it will hopefully be up soon.

I started this blog with the idea that it would be a fun means of logging and supporting my Japanese learning journey. So a lot of it will be about the Japanese language and most anything related to Japan, but it will also be an outlet for my other thoughts and creative impulses.

The blog's title, モビーです, is pronounced phonetically as mobii desu. It is Japanese for "It's Moby," where Moby is a nickname of sorts.

Since I will often be using Japanese characters in this blog, it was important to choose a default font which would display the characters clearly and in an aesthetically pleasing way, and which is also a generally available font. I chose DejaVu Serif Droid Sans because it seems to meet both criteria. I hope this blog's readers can see and distinguish the Japanese characters clearly. I think Japanese characters, especially the kanji (漢字), are very pretty and elegant.

I also wanted to make the blog layout simple and contain a minimum of distractions. This simplicity conjures in my mind those works of Japanese calligraphy which seem so simple but which very effectively and elegantly convey their meanings. Not that I expect to be always effective in my writing here, but it's something to aspire to.

Please excuse the mistakes that I will inadvertently be making in some of my writings. I am usually thorough in anything I do, and I try to catch my own mistakes, but occasionally they still slip through. I imagine this would be especially true for Japanese, since I am a beginner at this language.