Monday, February 16, 2015

Read Japanese for LibriVox

Do you read and speak Japanese? Do you like to read? Are you eager to learn new things? Do you like the sound of your voice? Or maybe you grimace at hearing the sound of your recorded voice, as I used to, and still do from time to time. Either way, read on because you just might enjoy reading Japanese texts for LibriVox.

The page for the LibriVox audiobook of Natsume Soseki's Kokoro on the
Internet Archive.

LibriVox is a group of volunteers on the internet who produce audiobook adaptations of written works which are in the public domain in the USA. This group of generous international volunteers gently and loosely march, mostly undetected in the cackle of online social media, along a rather wide but well-defined path toward their unmoving mark, which is "To make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet." They are seemingly unstoppable, and will continue to quietly march on toward the completion of their ambitious mission.