Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Help for quick English questions

So I'm learning Japanese, right? Right. And there are times, when I'm trying to read or write Japanese, when I have a quick question and I wish there were someone sitting right next to me who could answer that question right away.

I imagine that English language learners often have similar kinds of experiences and wishes.

So, in an effort to be of use and to give something back, I'm doing a little experiment.

I have set up an XMPP Instant Messaging (IM) account where English language learners can contact me to ask quick questions about the English language. This is my IM chat ID:

This ID can be added as a chat buddy by anyone who has an XMPP IM account. This includes Facebook and Google Talk IM accounts.

After you have added this ID as a buddy in your IM account, you may use it to contact me if you have a quick question about English, like questions about:

  • the meaning of English expressions or words
  • how to say something in English
  • sentence construction
  • grammar, etc.
  • Please limit the discussions and questions to English-related topics. Note the emphasis on "quick question." No personal conversations please.

    Communication will be through text only.

    Off-the-record (OTR) messaging is also available and encouraged.

    I've also added an English help page to this blog where you can find this information. The link to this page can be found at the top of this blog.

    I am not a professional English teacher, but I'll do my best to help. I will evaluate the progress of this experiment at some point in the future and decide then if it's something that I will continue doing or not.



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